5 Tips for Morning Sex

There is one way to start your day nicely – this is, of course, hot morning sex. It is loved by both women and men. It provokes the release of endorphins and even strengthens the immune system. But people do it due to indescribable pleasure. After all, emotions and sensations that gives morning sex can’t be felt at night. Making love when you are sleepy, you feel like in erotic dreams. But in order to get the maximum pleasure and benefits of morning sex, take advantage of these tips provided by Russian dating site

  1. Prepare from the evening

Although planning kills all spontaneity, the process becomes not aesthetic without it. Therefore, place a minty chewing gum or spray next to the bed to refresh your breath. After all, there is nothing more repulsive than bad morning breath. Prepare condoms so that you don’t search them all over the morning. And in general, there is a simple rule in good morning sex: the less fuss during preparation, the more pleasant the process. The most pleasant thing is that you are still sleepy but are going to have sex and not completely return to reality. But while you’re fussing and getting ready, you’ll wake up and your woman (as well as the magical sensation) will disappear.

  1. Wake up early

It is much worse if she wakes up earlier than you and begins to incline you to sex. In this case, none of you will get pleasure from the process. You will not fully understand what is actually going on and sluggish movements will not bring pleasure to you or her, but only make you fall asleep. It is better when a man shows the initiative and activity in morning sex or both are in the same state of wakefulness.

  1. Maintain hygiene

Take a shower before going to bed. Or another option: take a shower in the morning, before she wakes up. But keep in mind that after 20 minutes, you’ll have to take a shower again. It is better to refresh yourself in the morning with a deodorant or perfume. It’s more pleasant to have sex with a person who smells good. Otherwise, there is a chance that a girl will prefer to spend the precious last minutes on a healthy sleep and not on sex with a shaggy and foul-smelling animal.

  1. Wake her gently

Be gentle and gallant. Wake her up with a soft kiss on her neck, chest or back and be very gentle with caresses. We will not waste time on a detailed guide about caresses but once again: gently and carefully! Don’t do sharp movements! Otherwise, she will wake up, but will not understand what’s going on. Only gentle kisses and stroking will make the awakening soft and pleasant.

  1. Make her feel sexy

Now it’s time to move on to the next step and make her feel sexy. Girls love with their ears even half asleep. To avoid embarrassment, her mood has to match what you are going to do. Foreplay, my friend, only foreplay will make you both enjoy it. You don’t want to hear from her: “Oh no, I have bad breath” or “We will not do it”, right? Therefore, let her feel desirable and beautiful.

  1. Do it in the bathroom

You can have sex in the bathroom. Especially since this is perhaps the only way out of the situation if she woke up a couple of moments before you. Perhaps, having passionate morning sex under invigorating streams of hot water, you will cheer up faster and reach the condition.

  1. Don’t come up with new positions

For excellent sex, you need to choose the right position. You don’t have to try to do anal sex while she sleeps or try something more unusual. Having sex in the morning, it is better to preach classical positions (like a missionary one). Don’t immediately take a high rate – it’s completely useless. Do it slowly, gently and sensually in order to wake up gradually and get the most pleasure.


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