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Tina Kunaki spends the second half of her vacation in Biarritz, France, a place with which she has special memories: in nearby Bidart, a five-minute drive along the southern coast of France, a few years ago she married Vincent Cassel. I wonder if her favorite actor will join her on vacation to celebrate the anniversary?

Tina Kunakey Selfie TheFappening.Pro  - Tina Kunakey Selfie (1 Photo)

Anyway, after a little vacation lull, Tina published an image that she made up on a carefree vacation. I would like to immediately note that the black shapeshifter swimsuit is again an absolute favorite of Tina this season.

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There is no such thing as a lot of color! A purple shirt made of crumpled silk (it seems that we haven’t heard about this material since the late nineties), an orange baseball cap and a yellow transparent scarf on the hips. The element of Indian dances and the merciless beach fashion of the two thousandth in a concise, but very bright performance looks fantastic!